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5 steps to start my Digital marketing in China

5 tips to start an effective Marketing campaign in China 

 1- Understand Chinese culture Like Serpenza

If a proposal is not realistic or business, many Western companies see China at one time or another in order to enter the market and making large sums of money. At least that's the theory.

China is a huge country with lots of increasingly aware of brands and products (actually) Western people. This is the prize that many Western brands are seeking and why many are already in China trying to establish its position in the market. For those involved in the marketing and digital marketing, in particular, China presents a whole different set of challenges: consumers behave differently, vendors use different styles of pitching and even how many products are paid by consumers is very different than in Western markets. In addition, China is home to a large number of Internet companies with unfamiliar names that have an almost unbelievable number of users. Obviously, companies seeking to develop their brands in China must adopt different approaches to the development of their brands.

Media in China, use them to build trust 

The appearance of the features is the complicated relationship highly censored media of China, the state has with major social networks in the world. Facebook and Twitter are technically banned in China, but almost unknown to 640 million Internet users in the country. In the features, Xinhua English screenshots typically provides messages of social media on China. These messages usually come high media profile Western media as the New York Times (which is blocked in China), the Wall Street Journal (ditto), CNN or BBC. Taken together, these highlights of the news are usually as boring as own coverage for China Xinhua. The posts are cherry-picked to show how foreign media represents China as a stable nation with a competent management ready to handle your unique challenges. Take, for example, it has been further highlighted by the BBC.
The starting point for Western companies is to understand where your brand (s) has an advantage over indigenous products and service providers. In general, Western brands (especially the luxury market) have high levels of reliability and perceived authenticity and unfortunately for many consumers, high tarrifs as well. This image of reliability and authenticity account of much interest in Western brands. This applies both B2C and B2B markets. So given these perceptions, many digital marketers need to find ways to amplify these feelings and reach a large group (target).

Social Networks in China 

The social web is an excellent channel to emphasize these attributes. But if there is no web presence, or the presence does not meet the cultural and commercial expectations, it can be extremely damaging to the brand value.

Wechat do you know this App? 

Check this article 

If you are looking into developing your business in China, your strategy should definitely include a well-though digital strategy. One of the biggest social media platforms in China is WeChat. I will now give you in this article 20 tips to use WeChat the best way possible.
Create an official account First thing to do is to create a WeChat account. You can easily subscribe to a normal “personal” account by downloading the app, filling in the form and verifying your account with the code they sent you by text. This kind of account is very limited and won’t allow you to create an audience for your brand. What you should do instead is go on create an official account by visiting the WeChat official website and fill in an Official Registration form.

This is because the Chinese use the web for purchases more than their counterparts elsewhere investigation. They like the content heavy websites, and often are beyond the results of the first search page. And the absence of a web site indicates a company with no credibility. You must have a website, although it is simple to be taken seriously in China. This axiom is amplified by the fact that Chinese consumers tend to be skeptical of "official" comments and product classifications, rather than relying on what other consumers have written around the web.

Your Website and Search Engine like Baidu 

Some key points in its strategy of Chinese website - not just add Mandarin pages to a Web site Western. The pages will not be visible in Chinese search engines (like Baidu and Qihoo). Therefore, it is necessary to have a micro-site located built from scratch with the habits of Chinese browser, design standards and its Chinese character consumer in mind.

SEO in China is difficult 

For better accessibility and SEO, hosting your website within China or look through a content delivery network (CDN) having nodes in China. Note - if you host your site in China will have an ICP license required by the Chinese government for all business websites, but getting one is a matter of formality and takes 8 weeks.
more information here

E-Commerce in China is different : use JD and tmall 

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba's revenue surged 39% year-on-year in the first 3 months of 2016, the company said Thursday, May 5, its fastest growth in the last 4 quarters.Revenue hit 24.18 billion yuan ($3.75 billion) for the 3 months to March, it said in its quarterly results announcement, defying both China's economic slowdown and increasing competition in the world's biggest e-commerce market.The quarterly revenue figure beat analysts' average estimates of a 33% rise.Alibaba's net income attributable to shareholders rose 85% year-on-year in the quarter ended in March to $832 million, the company said.For the full financial year that ended in March, net income rocketed 196% to $11.08 billion."Our excellent results this quarter reflect the unique strength of our core e-commerce business despite challenging economic conditions," Alibaba's chief financial officer Maggie Wu said in the statement.Alibaba is China's dominant player in online commerce with its Taobao platform estimated to hold more than 90% of the consumer-to-consumer market, and its Tmall platform is believed to have over half of business-to-consumer transactions.

Web in China

850 million dollars more Chinese Internet users are much more likely to access the Web from a mobile device (about 85% to evaluate web comes through mobile devices). It is also very common for Chinese consumers to check prices at an online store or as Taobao physically while shopping in a retail outlet. In addition, as mentioned above, social media is more widely used when making purchasing decisions. China posted on review sites, the share of micro-blogs and BBS write about likes / dislikes. In the luxury sector 70-80 percent of purchases are made based on the recommendation of social media-driven peers.

A key difference in China compared with the West is that there is a much wider use of the Internet on a regular basis demographic. No age group, social or income that do not use more intensely than their Western counterparts, and all are highly influenced by recommendations from others. They want to learn about the value, but also learn about the latest trends and fashions. The latter applies to big ticket items in particular.

VIDEO in China the futur of Digital 

Although there are equivalent to Facebook, Youtube and Twitter-all with their own non-unique functionality they are also social media platforms niche high volume, as Qzone or Renren, which are mainly used by large numbers of recent graduates. are also very popular Youku or Tudou meipai, miaopai or tencent video


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