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Marketing Industrial should be linked with ebusiness

Marketing Industrial should be linked with ebusiness

What do you think ? Industrial Marketing is changing... Online become more and more important.

Industrial marketing in China

The first step in developing a plan of industrial marketing is the same as the development of any type of marketing plan : identify the client. The producer must understand what types of businesses would benefit from the product. This creates a foundation and focus for the rest of the marketing plan.
Then , the producer must adapt their introduction to potential clients. Although the former networking, face-to -face is alive and well in the world of business -to-business , it is increasingly important to have a strong online presence . Potential customers will always research a company before negotiating the sale of its product. A detailed but not too specific about the company and its products with website content is an excellent introduction .more information 


In our previous example, the manufacturer of chocolate , they could create a beautiful website well written about the history of their company and candy they produce. They would then increase the effectiveness of the website by adding a blog regularly updated on new products , or post them on social networks to inform users about where they can buy their chocolate or their Coupe fils .

Once a potential customer is interested in the product , the producer must divert attention from the general introduction of its presence on the web for more personalized meetings and presentations. Even if the customer is not ready to sign a contract right away, get to know them with professionals, contact non - aggressive can be very useful . Communication with potential customers via email, phone conversations , and presentations in person will help strengthen the business relationship. Professionals in the chocolate manufacturer may send product samples, with custom develop a strong impression at a business meeting notes.
Once the client is ready to discuss the details of a contract, the commercialization phase is almost complete. The objective of all materials for this specific client should spend to maintain a good working relationship . Chocolate manufacturer should have a solid plan with account managers to learn how to compose e -mails and conduct telephone conversations with representatives of the candy store , and how to learn about new products. Because the store is no longer a new customer , all communications must be tailored to their specific experience with the producer

Training in industrial marketing

Industrial marketing requires a complex set of skills that draws from multiple disciplines of the company. It has elements of advertising, sales , telecommunications peak number crunching , and cut. A comprehensive marketing program provides aspiring professionals of industrial marketing with an advantage of incredible start in a burgeoning field of trade.
Marketing school offers intensive training in everything from the principles of business management, to data analysis and composition of high quality advertising software warranty . The course starts investigations on topics and terminology in the general field of marketing and intensifies the class work in studies focusing on the modern business technology and case studies of marketing plans implemented by companies real world.

Graduates coming out of a good marketing program will enter the labor market with valuable skills that can be applied to business relationships on an industrial scale . Hands on experience of working in class will give students the opportunity to identify their greatest abilities , whether sealing the deal with a new customer or predict future trends . This advanced training allows ambitious marketing professionals of tomorrow train in their areas of interest so that they can pursue rewarding careers.

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  1. I would say that you need to understand the way of doing business in China is different than in France. From close friends experience (some succeeded other didn't), expect a lot drinking!
    Get to know the market, make connections (like you are doing here) and like others stated before, do your homework.
    Good luck