mercredi 4 juin 2014

When Chinese Ecommerce surpasses America !

When Chinese Ecommerce surpasses America !

China's Ministry of Commerce issued last week numbers indicate that sales retail online outpaced the United States.

The rapid growth According to the 2013 " Report of China E - commerce development ," the Chinese bought € 217.9 billion online last year, an increase of 41.2 % over the previous year. This means that e-commerce is growing three times faster than the rest of the Chinese retail and now represents 7.8% of total sales in China details .

The growth +25%

 This growth exceeds even the growth of the U.S. and the total number . U.S. online sales in 2013 reached € 192.85 billion , an increase of 16.9 % over the previous year. 302 million of buyers China has 302 million of online shoppers last year, up 24.7 % compared to 2012 , while expectations are that some 30 million people will use e -commerce in the field by 2015. The report also indicates that 1200000000000 € was spent in Chinese e -commerce in 2013 , although it also includes agreements between undertakings .

New technology

 " Driven by new technologies and innovative business models , the industry of e - commerce has become a new engine for the economic development of China and help Chinese enterprises to explore the international market," Li Jin Qi (Director Office of e -commerce in China's Ministry of commerce ) said. 84% by Alibaba

Alibaba the giant

These numbers are used as a means to evaluate the performance of Alibaba , Alibaba said as having a turnover of € 182 billion retail market through its online Taobao and Tmall , which is 84 % of turnover of the retail total online China .

The domestic Chinese market is dominated by Alibaba through Taobao (C2C) & Tmall (B2C) with payments facilitated by Alipay

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