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Web SEO companies in China (update 2020)

Typical message : 

We are a leading web Services Company that specializes in SEO (Search Engine Optimization in China). One of the very few companies which offer organic SEO Services for ecommerce in China with a full range of supporting services such as one way themed text links, blog submissions, directory submissions, article writing for the Chinese Market . 

SEO in China 

90% of Chinese online searchers focus on the 1st page of search engine results.

Did you know? Over 90% of Chinese online searchers focus on the 1st page of search engine results. If your website does not make it to the first page, then:-

Ø      You can lose on potential traffic on your webpage and consequently revenue for your company.
Ø      If new customers don't find you on the first page of Baidu , they will find your competition. Let us help you be there to get new business! 

We have a dedicated team of 350+ professionals which includes 125+ full time SEO experts to serve you. We provide the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM solution with top ranking on major search Engine as Google, Yahoo and Bing as per the current status of website and requirement.

Do let me know if you are interested, then I can send you our past work details, testimonials, affordable quotation with best offer.

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Finally, have a clear vision of natural referencing! The functioning of Baidu , improve your SEO, avoid penalties, what price should be expected, how long.

Do you have a lot of questions about natural referencing Or SEO on Baidu ?

Would you like to use it to get more visitors and understand why your site does not appear first on Baidu?

This guide is there to answer all your questions.(update 2020)

Before you start reading, if you want to increase your sales and attract more customers to your online store, download my free guide. If you do not have the budget to pay a freelance or an agency, then you have the possibility of doing the referencing of your site yourself and you can choose to spend nothing (except time).

The budget you invest will depend on the seo tools you want to use and there are many, some of which are very practical even in their free version.

On the other hand, I strongly advise you to follow a training course, this will save you a lot of time and avoid you falling into the many traps that can lead to a penalty (see later in this article). Now that you understand how Baidu works, take action.

The first step is to optimize your site to improve its relevance.

Very often we think that optimizing a site rhymes with technical challenges!

While in reality optimizing your site, it is above all to ensure that your pages answer as best as possible the question that the internet user asks Baidu when he types his search.

You will then have to improve your popularity and for that you will have to obtain quality links to your site.

It is only after you have done these first two essential steps that it may then be necessary to technically optimize your site to overtake your last competitors.

I'm not going to dwell on this part any longer, because it would be far too long and I have already written a complete guide anyway to explain how to improve the natural referencing of an e-commerce site. 

Content is the key of a SEO strategy in China. Our main agency expertise is to create efficient content to upgrade brand's position on search engines, and attractive content to increase cutomer's trafic. source

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